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The majority of individuals will experience back pain of some sort in their lives, and the common response is to ignore it or take pain relievers. When we experience pain of any kind, that’s a signal from the brain that something is wrong, and taking medication only stops the signals, it doesn't fix the root problem.

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Back pain isn’t a given- visit Athens Upper Cervical Chiropractic today.

When we have bad posture, spend all day sitting in an unsupportive chair, or spend years sleeping in bad positions or wearing flat shoes, our spine can lose it’s natural S-curve, and become misaligned. The upper two bones of the spine, the atlas and axis vertebra, will compensate to keep our head level, and over time this can lead to nerve issues and back pain due to the structural imbalance taking place.

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When the spine is misaligned, this can put pressure and additional stress on the nerves, and they can become inflamed, infringed upon, and generally dysfunctional. This dysfunction is what people experience as back pain. As upper cervical chiropractors in Athens, it is our job to work with the spine to get it back into proper positions, to alleviate these symptoms. We have a top down approach to health- we work by correcting the alignment of the upper cervical spine, which will lead the rest of the vertebrae into alignment. We take x-rays and 3-d images to determine where the spine is misaligned, and we then analyze the images to create a treatment and adjustment plan to improve the structural balance of the body.

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How Upper Cervical Chiropractic Could Help Arthritis

Reduced Pain & Discomfort

Increased Flexibility

Improved Joint Mobility

Decreased Inflammation

Strengthens Immune System

Increase in Energy & More!

Don’t Ignore Your Upper Back Pain

By restoring the upper cervical spine, the nerves are able to heal and to function as they were intended to, without obstruction or inflammation. Because pain is the way the body communicates that something is happening, if you or a loved one is experiencing back pain of any kind, we recommend calling and making an appointment with our Athens GA chiropractor to evaluate the issue. Something as simple as upper back pain can be an indication of severe misalignment within the spine, which if left untreated can become permanent, and lead to other health issues along the way.

Our team at Athens Upper Cervical Chiropractic would love to see your at our office, located off Mars Hill Road in Watkinsville, GA. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to your health and wellbeing. Give us a call today to schedule your initial consultation, and see if upper cervical chiropractic care is right for you!

Benefits of Upper Cervical Care For Multiple Sclerosis

Decreased Pain

One of the ways the body shows a subluxation is through pain and inflammation. When the nervous system is not communicating well, it triggers a pain response. Upper cervical chiropractic care helps eliminatepain by properly aligning the nervous system so messages flow more effectively.

Better Sleep

When the spine is in proper alignment, the nervous system is able to communicate as it should. This results in better quality and quality of sleep. Since over 60 percent of adults suffer from sleeping problems, improving your sleep could have a huge impact on your overall livelihood.

Fewer Colds and Flu

Studies show that long-term chiropractic care increases an individual’s immune system strength by as much as 200%. This equips the immune system to fight off viruses and bacteria that you come in contact with. When you do get sick, your body will be able to fight off the sickness more effectively and faster.

Fewer Prescription Drugs

When the body is functioning at its best possible level, sicknesses that require prescription drugs are far less common. This means that people who pursue upper cervical chiropractic care often notice that they need fewer prescription drugs, hospital visits, and doctor’s office trips.

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If you’ve tried everything for your pain, and you’ve been recommended a long list of doctors, medications, surgeries, and invasive procedures, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us to see if upper cervical chiropractic can help.