Chiropractic care aims to allow your body to heal as it was designed

Our nervous system controls every cell, organ and tissue of the body, so when the nervous system is out of balance, we experience symptoms. We utilizes state-of-the-art technology to ensure your nervous system is working optimally. When there is interference in the nervous system from a misalignment of the spine. Upper cervical care provides a gentle adjustment to realign the spine, allowing the body to heal.


Reduced Pain & Discomfort

Increased Flexibility

Improved Joint Mobility

Decreased Inflammation

Strengthens Immune System

Increase in Energy & More!

Non Invasive & Upper Cervical Chiropractic Tecniques

Our goal with all of our patients who come to us for chiropractic care in Watkinsville is to help alleviate their pain, and provide our community with the help they need to live their healthiest lives. We aim to restore our patients’ health through non invasive, upper cervical chiropractic techniques. We believe that the best course of care for the nearly 80% of adults who suffer from neck pain and back pain is gentle adjustments, using x-rays to determine the cause of the misalignment, and adjusting with the knee chest technique.


Here to help your chronic pain

Our chiropractor is here to help, whether you’re suffering from chronic pain or a condition like arthritis, we’d love to set up a consultation, and see if we can help. If you’re in pain frequently, and you haven’t found relief using traditional techniques, upper cervical chiropractic may be beneficial for you. Spinal misalignment can lead to an array of conditions, including pain, reduced mobility, migraines, and more. When we use x-rays to diagnose exactly where the misalignment is occurring, we are one step closer to being able to adjust the spine, and get you on the path to wellness.

Our Practice is Based on Science & Researched Technologies

Our patients range from a variety of ages, health backgrounds, and treatment plans. Our approach to chiropractic care in Athens, GA is based on science and researched technologies, which is why we always use x-rays with every single one of our patients. X-rays allow us to see exactly where the spine and neck are misaligned, so there’s no unnecessary adjusting, or feeling for misalignment. This allows us to be more precise than regular chiropractors, and allows us to track with each scan exactly how the treatment is progressing. This is one of the main reasons our patients choose upper cervical chiropractic over traditional chiropractic methods.

The nervous system affects how the rest of the body feels, so when your spine is out of alignment, or part of the spinal cord is pinched, the nerves cannot work as they properly should. This can cause a myriad of issues and discomfort within the body, and is what leads many people to seek pain management, whether through chiropractic or traditional medical techniques. Chiropractic therapy can help your body to heal as it was meant to, without the use of drugs or surgical techniques.


Detailed and Controlled Adjustments

X-rays and adjustments are at the foundation of our chiropractic treatment plans with patients. Adjustments are made by applying gentle pressure to the parts of the spine that are being treated and maneuvered into a more aligned position. Our chiropractor uses the knee chest adjustment procedure to make precise adjustments safely, in a detailed and controlled manner. If you’re interested in setting up a consultation with us, call now at 770-271-8505

We Service The Following Wonderful People

Experience less pain during pregnancy, as well as shorter labor times.

We can help your kids with a variety of concerns, from acid reflux to asthma.

Teenagers face the largest spinal health problem we have ever faced, text neck.

80% of the US population will experience low back pain at some point in their lives.

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At our office, we take a different approach to pain relief. If you’ve been struggling with chronic pain, and you’ve tried everything from medication to surgery, we encourage you to come see us. We specialize in upper cervical chiropractic, which is a gentle and natural treatment for pain.

The goal of upper cervical chiropractic is to align the bones in the upper neck, which helps to take pressure off of the nerves. This can lead to pain relief throughout the body. If you’re tired of living in pain, we encourage you to come see us and find out if upper cervical chiropractic can help.