What Conditions Can Upper Cervical Chiropractors Treat?

One question that we get asked frequently is “what conditions can upper cervical chiropractors treat?”. Patients will come in and want to know if we can improve their relative’s back pain, or their friend’s tinnitus, and the thing is, we work on fixing the root cause of those problems, rather than those problems themselves. Upper cervical chiropractors work by fixing subluxations in the spinal column, meaning we improve the alignment of the bone structure, and work to bring the spine back into natural alignment. By bringing the spine back into natural alignment, the nervous system is able to work as it is intended to, and those symptoms improve as a result.‍

Traditional medicine tends to treat symptoms on their own, without getting down to the root cause. Opioids and pain meds are used to suppress back pain, botox is used to reduce migraines, but these treatments don’t fix the problem, they only numb the symptom. Our job as chiropractors is to locate specific subluxations in the spine that could be disrupting the body’s nervous system and natural functioning, and work to correct that. These subluxations can cause pinched nerves, hormonal imbalances, chronic pain, and more. The brain will always work to keep the eyes level, so if a part of the spine is misaligned due to years of bad posture or an old injury, the head will compensate by twisting the other way, causing a contorted spine.‍

So, a patient will come in to see us, presenting with symptoms like chronic migraines, neck pain, and carpal tunnel, and as they receive consistent adjustments, they begin to see their symptoms improving. This is because many of these conditions are related to the misalignment of the spine, and the disruption to the body’s core functions. The brain stem and nervous system are highly specialized and highly sensitive parts of the body, which is why the upper cervical spine, where the brain stem meets the spine, is so vital to maintain. As we improve the upper cervical spinal alignment, the brain, the body, and the nervous system are able to restore that communication, and induce healing and natural functioning of the body.‍

Over time, lots of people experience back and neck pain, so much so that as a society, it’s considered a normal part of aging. Chronic pain isn’t normal, and it shouldn’t be accepted so easily. Years of wear and tear and misalignment of the spine can cause significant damage, but there is often relief to be found. If you are interested in seeing if upper cervical chiropractic treatment could help you, visit our Watkinsville based office, located off 316 on Mars Hill Road. Athens Upper Cervical Chiropractic is here to help- call 770-271-8505