How A Chiropractor in Athens GA Can Improve Your Health

In the last few decades, the public perception of chiropractic treatment has changed tremendously for the better- while it used to be seen as an alternative treatment, far more people are now seeking treatment for common issues like neck pain, back pain, migraines, sciatica and more by their local Athens GA chiropractors. There are so many conditions that can be helped by chiropractic treatment because of how intertwined the spine is with the central nervous system, so it makes sense to use chiropractic care to treat chronic pain, or to see a chiropractor in conjunction with another treatment method.‍

We try to tell our patients all the time: there is no reason to live life in chronic pain, and chronic pain is not a normal part of life, or just something people have to deal with as they get older. Unfortunately, this is not a widely known belief. Chronic pain can be caused by numerous factors, but is frequently intertwined with the malfunctioning of the nervous system, such as an irritation of the nerves, or a compressing of the spinal cord. Because this is so often the case, wouldn’t it make sense to seek out a spinal cord expert, like an upper cervical chiropractor?‍

Back pain and neck pain can be caused by many things that regularly occur in our daily lives. Sometimes it can even be something as seemingly benign as poor posture- years of hunching and slouching, or lack of back support by wearing non supportive shoes can actually cause serious misalignment in the spine and neck. Years of sleeping in bad positions, or sleeping on an unsupportive mattress can also lead to compression of the spine. We also frequently see patients at our Athens office who have no injuries that could be causing their neck and back pain, but it was years of simply sitting at a desk with a poor office chair. Because the spine can be quite fragile, years of office sitting can take a toll and cause significant damage to the spine. Also, as could be expected, we do frequently see patients in Watkinsville and Athens with neck pain, back pain, or migraines caused by a former injury that they believed to be healed. While the accident or trauma could have occurred years previously, if the vertebrae were moved out of alignment, that could cause neck and back for years to come, unless treated by a chiropractor.‍

When looking for a chiropractor in Athens, we always recommend choosing one that aligns with your goals and lifestyle. Everyone has different goals, a different personality, and it’s important that you trust your chiropractor and align with their style of treatment. At our Athens Chiropractor’s office, we take a very data driven approach to treatment. We are one of the only chiropractors in the Watkinsville or Athens area who take x-rays of our patients at almost every visit, to track our adjustment progress and see exactly where misalignment in the spine is occurring. We always rely on x-rays and 3D imaging technology- there is no guessing game or “feeling it out” with us. Our team is super specialized: Dr Cave received additional training beyond traditional chiropractic education to specialize in the upper cervical spine, and treats every patient with an individualized approach. If you have any questions about our chiropractic office in Athens GA, give our office a call today, or schedule a consultation!