Common Conditions Chiropractors in Athens Treat

At Athens Upper Cervical Chiropractic, we treat a whole host of issues, running the gamut from Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel, chronic pain, and more.

We focus in on the upper cervical spine, which is connected to the brain stem, which is highly intertwined with the nervous system. If the nervous system is impinged upon or disrupted in any way, (such as in a car accident, sports injury, or posture issue) various conditions can occur as a result of this. The central nervous system affects practically every part of the body, so it’s no surprise that when it’s out of whack, the other systems of the body can be affected in turn. As Athens chiropractors, we see patients dealing with all sorts of issues, and we use x-rays and 3D technology to see if their issue can be traced back to a misalignment (also known as a subluxation) in the spine. From there, we’ll work on a treatment plan going forward, including gentle adjustments, and we’ll track your progress at each visit.‍

If you’re interested in seeing a chiropractor in the Athens area and are wondering what type of conditions people typically come to see us for, here are a few we frequently help with:‍

  • Back pain: back injuries and chronic lower back pain are probably the most common symptoms our patients present with. Many of our patients come to see us after having been treated by traditional methods, and they want to try a new way. Chronic pain is typically treated with highly addictive pain medication, and the next step is typically surgery. Although these methods can sometimes help, they’re not 100% effective, and they can be incredibly damaging on a patient’s health. We highly recommend seeing a chiropractor if you’re experiencing chronic back pain or low back pain- we have seen incredible results in some of our patients dealing with this issue after receiving adjustments with us.‍
  • Neck pain: this is another very common symptom our patients come to us with- it is also frequently described as upper back pain, which makes sense since it’s all connected. The neck, or upper cervical spine, is a highly sensitive area composed of flexible vertebrae and tons of nerves, so when these vertebrae are misaligned or knocked out of place by trauma, it can cause serious pain. Like we mentioned earlier, many of the body’s main functioning systems are affected by the central nervous system, so if the nervous system is unable to function properly due to a disruption in the alignment, any number of health issues can arise.‍
  • When you schedule an appointment at Athens Upper Cervical Chiropractic, we’ll be able to assess your health, learn about your symptoms, take x-rays to see where subluxations may be impeding your health and causing these issues, and form a treatment plan. If you’ve been dealing with any of these issues, or something else like tinnitus, migraines, or another symptom, don’t hesitate to reach out. You never know until you try!