Chiropractors in Athens Who Treat Sciatica

If you are experiencing chronic pain that starts in your back and shoots down the leg, chances are you’ve heard the term sciatica to describe your condition. Oftentimes, patients are told that there’s no real treatment for this chronic condition, and go on to suffer through it without a long term solution. However, our Athens chiropractor offers treatment for sciatica, and can work with you to navigate the cause of your condition and get you on the road to recovery.‍

The term sciatica refers to chronic pain associated with the sciatic nerve, a nerve that runs from the back and down the leg. It can be caused by many things, and is more of a general term to describe pain through the leg. That’s why when patients are diagnosed with sciatica, we always explain that there’s more to the story, because the word sciatica doesn’t get down to the root cause of the issue.‍

Chiropractors are trained to navigate the spinal cord and the nerves involved, and upper cervical chiropractors are specifically trained to focus on the upper cervical spine, where the brain stem and central nervous system are intertwined. The pain associated with sciatica occurs when the sciatica nerve is pinched, impinged upon, or disturbed in some way, which can happen due to a bulging or herniated disc, an injury, past trauma, or even years of poor posture.‍

Thankfully, all is not lost- at Athens Upper Cervical Chiropractor, our team is trained to use x-rays to navigate the spine, check the positioning of the discs, vertebrae, and see where things may have moved out of their proper position over time. Once we’re able to see exactly where the issue is occurring, we can make a proper diagnosis, and move forward with treatment from there. After that diagnosis is made, our chiropractor will create a personalized treatment plan to treat your specific symptoms, and will recommend a custom adjustment schedule to fit your needs. Our adjustment process involves using the knee chest technique, a very gentle and specific manipulation technique used to restore the misalignment in the vertebrae or disc into their proper place. Over time, using x-rays and regular adjustments, we’re able to help many of our patients reduce or completely eliminate their chronic pain, and go back to living their lives, pain free.‍

The chronic pain, stinging, and numbness associated with sciatica doesn’t have to be a lifelong struggle- every body is different, but we have seen so much improvement in our patients’ lives through chiropractic treatment at our Athens office, and it’s important for our community to know that other treatment methods are out there. We take a data-driven, research based approach to sciatica treatment, and have helped numerous patients feel their best with our gentle adjustments over time. If you experience chronic pain from the back down to the leg, you may be experiencing sciatica, but our office is here to help. Call now to set up an initial consultation!